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Affinity Groups

Mutual Mentoring



Elders Circle Salons feature topics of interest to engaged elders and opportunities for deep reflection, personal connection, and intimate discussion. At each Elders Circle salon, elders and youngers gather to connect, explore, and grow.

Salons are evening events that last about three hours, with a mixed program of large and small circle sharing.

We discover new wisdom and new friends in intimate, small-group conversations. Gathered in the large circle, we learn about the Elders Circle program, elder wisdom, and opportunities for involvement.

Next Event

Why should you come? The SPEC Elders Circle offers a space and process that encourages deep reflection, personal connection, and intimate discussion to foster the emergence of Elder Wisdom.

Everyone is welcome. If you have been to one of our previous salons, we encourage you to come out to help envision our next year’s development of this inspiring community. If you haven’t yet, we welcome you to join our engaged elders (and “Youngers” too!). 

Our guest speaker Guy Dauncey is an affirmative and visionary speaker on the movement to build a new cooperative economy that can meet our human needs while restoring ecological integrity. We need a positive vision of humans in harmony with nature and Guy is uniquely qualified to bring such a vision to our Vancouver audience. 

Guy Dauncey’s latest book Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible offers a compelling vision of a green future where a new cooperative economy is being put in place. In Guy’s blockbuster ecotopian novel, young protagonist Patrick Wu visits a Vancouver in 2032 that is brimming with innovation and hope, where the climate crisis is being tackled, the solar revolution is underway, and a new cooperative economy is taking shape. But enormous danger still lurks. 

Guy explains how we can build a new cooperative economy that will enable us to meet our human needs while restoring ecological integrity and ensuring that Earth’s eight million other species are able to meet their needs too. 

More about Guy Dauncey: Guy's presentation is based on his latest book Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible, a compelling vision of a green future. An imaginative author and mesmerizing speaker, Guy translates that vision into action in a way that inspires. He is an Honorary Member of the Planning Institute of BC, and a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts. He lives near Ladysmith. He is founder of the BC Sustainable Energy Association, and is the author or co-author of ten books. 

About the Book

" If you are ever tempted to read a book that nourishes your dreams and optimism, this is it.” Reviewer 

"Brilliant.’ David Suzuki 

"An imaginative tour de force, blending science, philosophy and fiction into a delightful story about how we can and must change the world.” David Boyd, co-chair, Vancouver's Greenest City Initiative 

“It is possible. We can make a better world. This is the feeling you will come away with after listening to Guy Dauncey’s brilliant .... positive and possible vision of the future. He restores hope, and takes away the fear of change at a time when it is so crucial that we do so." Salt Spring, resident Jean Gelwick. 

For more information or to register for this event, please contact us at, 604-736-7732 or at 

Please register here:

“You are friends I have been wanting to meet for a long time”. 

Ginny Ayers, Elder Circle member

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Affinity Groups

Enjoy opportunities for ongoing connection and leadership through a variety of Elders Circle Affinity Groups. Everyone is welcome.

Elders Circle Book Club

Read and discuss fiction and non-fiction writing at this monthly gathering. We explore books that relate to becoming and being an elder, reclaiming elder wisdom, and the effect on a community when this wisdom is undervalued.

Contact: Rudi Krause - 604-264-1199 or email

Next event:  Thursday, April 27, 7:30 pm

Theme: Spitfire Grill

We will screen the movie "Spitfire Grill".

“I found myself awestruck—what vivacity and beaming light shone from the elders. Our conversation kept flowing naturally into the omnipotence of change, the wisdom to embrace impermanence, and the unexpected turns that life takes us on.”  - Patrick Wilkie

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Nature Walk

Take a walk and meet the familiar plants that live all around us. Bring a tree or nature story to share, ask questions and take notes, or simply enjoy a walk in nature in the company of a group.

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As we become more familiar with the nature that surrounds us, we begin to develop a kinship with nature. As we recognize different trees, shrubs, and plants and learn about their life cycle and uses, we come to know these kin as friends. For some, a deep connection with nature can also give rise to a sense of spirituality.

Free and open to all ages and abilities. Families welcome. Come dressed for the weather.

Contact:  Don Griffiths - Email

Next event:  TBA



Mutual Mentoring

There is a buzz of interest growing between elders and ‘youngers’ about how we can share our diverse skills, knowledge, and wisdom through intergenerational relations.

Mutual mentoring is a way for people of different ages to connect and grow together into more diverse personal relationships, and ultimately, stronger communities.

Sound interesting? Contact us for more information and to get involved.

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Are you concerned about your environmental legacy? Do you want to connect with other engaged elders?

We can help you find the right place for your energy.

Elders Circle

Help us keep the Elders Circle growing. Depending on your interest and time, there are many opportunities to bring your skills and enthusiasm to this process. 

Core Team

Core Team members envision, develop, oversee, and guide the Elders Circle Program.

You can help with:

  • Program design and coordination

  • Promotion and outreach
  • Interviewing, writing, and blogging

The Elders Circle Core Team meets every two weeks, with occasional extra meetings to plan events.

Event Production Team

A series of Elders Circle public events happen throughout the program year. These gatherings provide a place for dialogue and exploration.

You can help with:

  • Event coordination and hospitality
  • Event promotions
  • Registration and welcome
  • Food and beverage tending
  • Setup and cleanup
  • A/V technical support
  • Photography / videography

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    SPEC is one of the oldest environmental non-profit organizations in Canada. Help us continue to provide practical solutions for urban sustainability and build on our legacy of environmental protection.

    Core Operations

    Office support: Telephone, mail, memberships, donations

    Board and governance: Board members and advisory elders

    Professional skills: Designers, webmaster, fundraising, other

    Projects and Campaigns

    The Energy and Transportation Committee promotes energy conservation, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation.

    The Food and Environment Committee protects brown, green, and blue spaces and builds a more sustainable and resilient local food system.

    SPEC’s School Gardens Program brings food gardens and food education to 12 Vancouver schools. Help connect children to their food, each other, nature, and their community.

    The Zero Waste Committee promotes practices that lead to waste reduction.

    Check out all SPEC’s current volunteer opportunities.

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    Community Engagement

    In the SPEC Elders Circle, you can explore your elder role and find your own path toward active participation and contribution.

    What are you interested in?

    There are many ways to connect with your community. We can help you find a match for your interests, skills, and passions.

    The Elders Circle is sharing ideas with …

    • Neighbourhood houses
    • Community centers
    • Community, non-profit, and charitable organizations

    Your ideas are welcome! Contact us!

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